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BillCollecTools uses the mobile technology to automate the bill collection cycle in large organizations. This system will provides an efficient mean of bill collection in the field at customers' site or at remote collection outlets. Your field force will have all the needed data about customers and due bills. It will also provide comprehensive feedback on all the activities done in the field. BillCollecTools will integrate smoothly with your back-office system.

In addition to the mobile part of the solution, BillCollecTools contains a full-featured web-based application that provides for an extensive reporting function through which all the field data will be analyzed to improve your collection cycle.

quTIP made use of the latest PDA technologies to facilitate the provision of high-quality services to the end-customer. BillCollecTools supports the best business practices found in the market. Yet to cater to the specific needs of our clients our customization services will make it fit perfectly with their business environment by adding all the necessary features specific to each client.

Our consulting service will ensure a smooth integration with the ERP system at the back-office. quTIP full-fledged support services will always make sure your field force is most efficient in the market arena.

BillCollecTools Features:
  • Includes all the necessary information about your bills: outstanding, due, and past-due
  • Allows for route design
  • Provides for better control of your collection force
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: a very rich and flexible reporting module is part of the system. The reporting will provide you with consolidated statistics about all the field activities.
  • Supports a powerful and customizable reporting mechanism that allows for performance evaluation through comparing targets to actual achievements in a given time span.
  • Supports multiple Languages.
  • Printing Support. Using portable printer field representatives can provide the customers with necessary documents on the spot in the field.

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