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Mobile Business Solutions

This is a collection of mobile solutions to automate a range of mobile field forces.

FieldTools for Oil and Gas Field Reporting

This solution is designed specifically for the Oil&Gas sector. The solution capitalizes on the mobile technology to facilitate the automation of the periodic reports sent from the field to the head office. All the data collected in the field about daily production, status of the different wells, and any necessary reporting and comments will be sent smoothly to the head office for analysis.

Extensive analysis of data is performed by the system to produce all necessary reports. The reporting module in the head office would maintain all forecasted, history, financial perspectives of the actual data.

FieldTools for Field Inspection

Used for the automation of all paper-based field inspection, this solution would prove very useful for any company working in environmental audit, safety, and inspection. This solution automates the necessary functions of collecting needed readings and measurement, comparison with standards, and calculations of statistics. The mobile part of the solution allows for on the spot reporting and calculation of control parameters. While the central portion includes extensive reporting features up to the production of formatted study document.

FieldTools for Data Collection

This solution perfectly serves the needs of market research organization that collect massive amounts of data and surveys from the market. It is the choices of organization aiming at facilitating field inspection using mobile technologies.

FieldTools is designed to reduce field errors, speed flow of data from the field, and increase the productivity of your field force.
FieldTools for Data Collection is used also for the automation of asset management and tracking.

All of the data collected in the field is analyzed by our application server and through our web-based part of the solution generates all the necessary reports and customize all the parameters of your field force.


quTIP made use of the latest PDA technologies to facilitate the provision of high-quality services to the end-customer. FieldTools supports the best business practices found in the market. Yet to cater to the specific needs of our clients our customization services will make it fit perfectly with their business environment by adding all necessary features specific to each client.

Our consulting service will ensure a smooth integration with the ERP system at the back-office. quTIP full-fledged support services will always make sure your field force are the most efficient in the market arena.


  • Support your field force with an easy to use interface to collect data.
  • Allow for management of the data collected
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: a very rich and flexible reporting module is part of the system. The reporting will help you have consolidated statistics about all the field activities.
  • Supports multiple Languages
  • Printing Support. Using portable printer field representatives can provide the customers with necessary documents on the spot in the field.

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