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InvenTools is an inventory control and warehouse management system that utilizes the potential of handheld devices. The system Provides complete inventory tracking tracking capability from inventory receipt to storage to shipping. InvenTools uses process automation to enhance throughput and to decrease order cycle-time. quTIP made use of the latest PDA technologies to facilitate the provision of high-quality services to the end-customer.

InvenTools supports the best business practices found in the market. Yet to cater to the specific needs of our clients our customization services will make it fit perfectly with their business environment by adding all the necessary features specific to each client.

Our consulting service will ensure a smooth integration with the ERP system at the back-office. quTIP full-fledged support services will always make sure your warehousing systems are the most efficient in the market arena.

InvenTools Features:
  • Support multiple warehouse locations
  • Supports inventory tracking functions including:
    • Inbound Logistics - Receiving
    • Outbound Logistics - Shipping
    • Reverse Logistics and Transfers
    • Inventory Cycle Count
    • Put-away and Pick
  • Eliminates typing errors through automated data entry via handheld scanners
  • Provides pre-defined set of reports - based on most common practices:
    • Stock-level
    • Inbound/outbound transaction
    • Re-order requirements
    • Inventory Discrepancy Report
    • Flexibility to create customer tailored reports
  • System-directed picking reduces turnaround time in the pick process
  • Real-time data capture accurately reflects the status of the warehouse at any given moment
  • InvenTools supports multiple Languages.
  • Printing Support. Using portable printer warehouse employees can provide the internal customers with necessary documents on the spot from the storage areas.

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