Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

In our rising digital world, enterprises that develop a substantial information-centric culture with the ability to perceive, operate, and invest in their information assets will eventually outpace the race. To achieve this, you need to equip your employees to build the analytics they need to improve their line of business.

quTIP Business Intelligence Solutions present a comprehensive suite for both data analysis and visualization. Our solutions provide you with a solitary integrated experience across all data sources and all devices, enabling you to have a panoramic view of your substantial business metrics and KPIs in one place. Moreover, our Business Intelligence Services will result in quicker rendering of data extraction, exploration, analysis, and visualization.

quTIP expertise helps enterprises transform their complex data into actionable Business Intelligence, through flexible BI solutions that deliver better understanding and usability. Our end-to-end, agile BI platform is built to vanish the barriers between users and the business analytics software. We provide our clients with rigid, advanced, customized technology and management solutions for mission-critical problems, and help them take intelligent, well-justified data-driven decisions.


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Clients Testimonials

Karim Deghedy

Egypt IT Shared Services Manager

I will always refer back to quTIP for the development of any software solution. I really enjoyed seeing my vision and the corporate goals satisfied through quTIP solutions.

Mohamed Tharwat

IT Cluster Manager, North East Africa & Levant

quTIP is a partner for Schneider Electric in its digital journey.

quTIP understands our business strategy.

Wael Youssef

Corporate Sales Administration and Automation Manager

We are depending on the mobile application developed by quTIP for our field sales team since 2016 until now. The application is very stable developed at high quality. quTIP team is very committed and helpful.